Window Restoration

window restoration

Window restoration and refurbishment are often easier than you believe. Old wooden windows were originally designed to simply be repaired. After all, old woodworking machines were created in such a way as to allow the handyman to simply patch broken windows. They often can be easily taken apart and then re-glued to add new hunting or rails to a new window frame. While this does work, they often need some serious TLC to ensure that they are looking their best. If you’re looking to find a quality company to carry out your window restoration or refurbishment needs then here are some things you should look for:

– References from satisfied customers. If you’ve done any research into wood window restoration before then you’ll have noticed that there are some companies that will simply quote you a price without even having any knowledge of your historic windows and the level of restoration required for them. Some of these companies may even suggest that you bring in an expert for just one small repair! This isn’t the best way to go about restoring historic windows, even if it is an experienced company. If they don’t have any references from happy past clients then it’s best to steer clear.

– Testimonials from satisfied customers. Another important thing to look for is testimonials and reviews of previous clients from within your industry. These will give you a good indication of the level of service and professionalism that you’re likely to get. If you can speak to an ex-client, then this adds weight to your decision, as it’s clear that they got their windows restored professionally and the results were of a very high standard. You might also want to ask a contractor for their own recommendations of companies, as these will often be from working within the industry.

– What do they recommend as a replacement method? The method of window restoration is highly dependent on what type of glass you have, whether it be lead paint vinyl or other types. Each of these have different replacement options, and you may want to speak with a few repair companies in order to identify which would be best for you. For example, if you have lead paint within the glass, then it’s likely that you’ll need to have the glass replaced with a lead alternative; otherwise you risk creating the very problems that lead paint creates.

– Do they have any training? This is a big one; if you’re going to restore historic windows, you’ll want to ensure that the person doing the work has experience in this field, whether it be through training, on the job experience or by working under another profession. It’s also important that the individual you employ is bonded and insured. If not, you could find yourself out of pocket should anything go wrong, which would be extremely difficult to recover from. If at all possible try and identify those who have insurance; this will help to keep you insured should anything go awry with the historic property.

Although many people think that window restoration is something that only professional companies can perform, you can actually restore many of the old windows yourself. In fact, this can even save you money in some cases, as you won’t need to pay professional fees to anyone. Some of the older windows can actually be restored quite easily and cheaply, and often you only need a few tools. There are books, magazines and websites on the internet that provide step-by-step instructions, and many even provide videos to show you the various stages of the process. If you’re willing to invest a bit of time and effort into restoring your own windows, you can achieve fantastic results. As well as providing beauty and character to your home, these older homes have also served many generations, and you may want to look at taking this opportunity to restore some of the history that surrounds you.