What Is Kripalu Yoga?

The Kripaluji Maharaj is one of the most ancient forms of yoga and it is the principle that is believed to be responsible for the development of Tantric yoga. This form of yoga was founded by the late Dr. B.K.S. Rana, a Kripalu yoga teacher from whom the term Kripalu is derived. It is important to note that Dr. Rana did not invent Kripalu and the term is often used incorrectly when it is in fact B.K.S.Rana’s work.

Kripaluji Maharaj Hindu spiritual leader

Kripalu is believed to originate with the teachings of Sri Chinmoy. The name Kripalu was based on a phrase that he used which had the meaning “that which we speak is our prayer”. As such, Dr. Rana taught yoga through his lectures and Kripalu yoga teachers. It was only after this that he began to call the system Yoga, and not Kripalu, thus his emphasis on the spiritual aspect of yoga.

Kripalu is said to be the secret yoga of all the yogis. It is one that has withstood the test of time because of the level of training and discipline that went into its formulation. Students are sent on a rigorous, three and a half month course of training. Once this course is completed, they become Kripalu instructors. Although it is possible to learn yoga without having this intense level of commitment, it is not recommended.

The philosophy of Yoga is considered to be extremely versatile and flexible. There is the belief that yoga can be practiced by anyone regardless of their current state of physical or emotional well-being. It has been proven to be effective in reducing stress and helping individuals cope with their personal problems. It helps to promote a sense of oneness among people, and this idea has become the basis for many forms of spiritual practice. Many proponents of Kripalu believe that one can achieve higher levels of spiritual development and inner peace by practicing this form of yoga. Some even go as far as to say that it can give you a glimpse into your consciousness.

There are some basic differences between Kripalu and other forms of Yoga. Most significantly, this form of yoga puts a greater emphasis on the spiritual benefits of the exercise. This means that the physical poses used are more difficult and the positions more demanding. This results in people feeling physically exhausted after some of the more difficult poses have been performed. The goal is not to force the poses on the body but rather allow the body to relax and be free while in the poses.

In spite of the fact that Kripalu is an indigenous form of Yoga, some teachers insist that it is a branch of Kundalini Yoga. However, the origin of this form of yoga has not been entirely explained. Many proponents feel that the secret lies in the Kundalini itself, which is believed to be responsible for psychic development. Whatever the case may be, Kripalu remains one of the most popular forms of Yoga today. If you are interested in learning it, you should find a teacher or read up on the subject.