What An Arborist Can Do For You

An arborist is a specialist in the field of arboretum, which refers to the study, cultivation, and maintenance of various trees, shrubs, and vines, in addition to their fruit or ornamental foliage. There are three types of arboretums: the formal arboretum, the informal arboretum, and the semi-formal arboretum. Arbors and trellises are an essential part of arboretum, because they allow the growth of trees and shrubs to go on in different areas or even at the same time.

In the United States, arboretum is mostly maintained by homeowners. However, arbors are sometimes also used by farmers to maintain their crops of vegetables, fruits, or ornamentals. Some arbors can be seen at parks, gardens,lawns, and other public areas. In arboretum, there are certain kinds of trees that are commonly cultivated and used. These are:

o Oak trees: These are the most common kind of arbors in North America. They are usually made out of oak wood and they are not very expensive. These trees have long and strong branches, which provide extra support to the arbor, giving it a neat and impressive look.

o Cypress: This is the second most common kind of trees used by arboretum professionals. They are very strong and sturdy trees, usually growing in low, dry soil and growing to about 15 feet in height. They produce thick, lush foliage and a large number of leaves.

o Cherry trees: These trees grow in the United States and around the world. They have a very beautiful, glossy green, glossy, full shade. Cherry arbors are a popular choice, as they add beauty to the landscape. Cherry arbors are usually made out of cedar wood, which makes them more resistant to wind damage.

o Redwood and spruce: These trees are native to the Southern Hemisphere, but are now growing all over the United States. They are popular in arboretum because of their thick trunk and their resistance to rot. As a result, redwood and spruce arbors are also called redwood and spruce trellises. Also, arboretum professionals make use of the wood of black walnut trees in their arboretum.

Some other artificial types of arbors are also available. One is the wood porch arboretum. Another type is called the decked arboretum. And lastly, arbors that are painted with various colors and designs are also available.

Aside from the trees used for arboretum, there are other factors that determine the quality and durability of the arboretum. The arborist has to inspect the arbor every year so that it is in good condition.

Arboretum contractors are very useful to provide protection from the sun, which can damage and decay of trees. A good arborist also ensures that the plants inside the arboretum will be able to survive and prosper.