Prestige Waterford Price

Prestige Waterford Price of 2 Bedroom Property in Whitefield, Delhi is estimated to be at the level of around Rs. 98 Lakh’s to one and half Crore’s upwards and tentative price of 3 BHK apartments at the same area is estimated to be at the level of around Rs. 1.2 Crore’s upwards. Both the houses are located near to each other on the main street of Whitefield in New Delhi’s Chanakya Nagar.

The Whitefield area of New Delhi is one of the busiest residential areas in the whole of India with many new houses being built every day with new flats, bungalows, condominiums and villas added to its present housing stock. It is the ideal place to invest in property as it is a prime area and well connected by rail network with international airport situated nearby.

The houses in Whitefield, New Delhi come in various shapes and sizes ranging from one bedroom apartments to deluxe five star resorts and villas. The main residential area, which includes Whitefield Road, Chanakya Nagar and Shahjahan Road has become quite popular over the years and is a sought after area for investment.

Apart from the residential area, there are various other important areas in Whitefield, New Delhi which provide easy access to major metro rail terminus and commercial centers. A well-known shopping center is located near Chanakya Nagar and nearby. A big shopping complex is also located in Shahjahan Road and this is the main commercial area of New Delhi. This area is preferred mainly by expatriates and foreigners who have made their living in this region.

In addition to Whitefield, New Delhi is home to several other important places. White Fort, Rajpath, India Gate, Jai Shankar Road, India Gate, Jhiladari Road, Janpath and Connaught Place are major places which are important for tourists and expatriates. These places are all places that can be reached easily by public transport.

A visit to any part of Whitefield, New Delhi will offer you some excellent shopping opportunities at the Mall of Whitefield and Chanakya Nagar. These markets offer an exclusive range of products for high price from branded and hand crafted items to local and domestic handicrafts and electronics.