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There are literally hundreds of auto insurance agencies such as Eugene C Yates Insurance Agency found throughout the nation. The sole responsibility of these agencies is to properly provide excellent service to their clients and customers. All agencies will offer similar coverage, but only to examine what other services they offer. How frequently do they call you to discuss the details of your policy?

How much attention will your agent give you when contacting an auto insurance agency? How much time will he or she spend talking with you before moving on to someone else? How important is this to you? How much are you willing to pay for your coverage? These are important questions to ask yourself before dealing with any auto insurance agencies.

Some auto insurance agencies are local and have a local agent in their company. You should still do business with them because of their familiarity with the local area. They will know who to call when you have an accident or a problem. However, since most of these local auto insurance companies will only insure you at the local level you may not be getting the same benefits as an agency that has agents all over the state.

Other auto insurance agencies are national chains with salesmen that call all over the state to get your business. These are usually the cheapest and the most expansive. Most of them only carry liability coverage and minimum state Farm insurance required by most states. Minimum coverage is the cheapest policy you can purchase, and if you get sued it will not cover you enough to get you out of trouble.

What is the most important part of your insurance coverage? It is known as collision coverage. Collision coverage pays for repairs to your car if it is damaged in a wreck. Since auto insurance agents want you to have minimum coverage you may not be getting enough collision coverage from your insurer. Therefore, you must take some time and research what minimum coverage your state requires you to have.

When you shop around and compare rates between national insurers it is more than worth the time you spend doing it. Not all auto insurance policies are alike. Not all insurance agents are created equally. The best auto insurance policies are offered by the local auto insurance company agents who know the laws and who understand how your local roads and conditions play into your bottom line.