Eight Mile Plain Doctors and the Doctor’s Role

I can remember when it was the custom of the western peoples to bury their dead, head down, in a simple grave marked by an eight-foot tall oak cross on the east side of the land. Before that practice became common it was an obnoxious practice, since the burial required digging deep trenches around the grave and this was expensive. This is what happened to those of the olden times; thus, only the sons of the nobility could be buried in a simple grave.

When the modern world came into being people began to move from the rural life to the cities, and the role of the city doctor was nearly disappeared from existence. However, with the great growth of commerce the need for doctors in a medical field was made necessary. The practice of medicine was not at all a new thought to the olden times. The medicine man had been in existence even before the birth of Christ.

Both the East and West developed their forms of health care based on this theory of healing the sick. Both have accepted the operation for a long time, and even today, the surgery is followed by many. The operation was an article of faith and therefore was not done on any patient who did not want it done. There are different types of operations performed today. Of course, some are done with modern tools and machines, but others are done with traditional tools of art.

Most of the people in the West are afraid of surgery, but the procedure is necessary to save the lives of many people. The operation is needed for almost every cancer, especially the metastatic ones. These cancer cases require surgery to remove the tumour, so that the patient can live. The operation brings relief and the patient will be cured of the cancer within a year or two.

The operation is so painful that people do not choose the operation but must get it done. Surgery is required to prevent death due to any of the malignant cancer. There are many other diseases that are also operated upon with the operation of the doctors; for example, the lung cancer is operated upon to cure the patient.

Many operations are done for those who are diseased and in the process of dying. The operation is used in situations where life itself is endangered, and many deaths occur each year. The operation is needed to save the life of the patient.

A few years ago a woman’s tumor was so large that she could not have the operation. It was not possible to perform the operation without destroying her uterus. As a result, the operation was postponed, and the woman died. It was impossible to have the operation without removing part of the uterus, so that it would not be dangerous.

Some of the people who cannot have the operation are those who are suffering from a large tumor. They too suffer because they cannot have the operation. Their bodies are too weak, and the operation is like amputation of the remaining portion of the abdomen. However, there are many other people who have chosen to get the operation, but they cannot afford it so they have the need for eight mile plain doctors.