Different Types of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a method used for removing stubborn dirt, grease, pollution, mold and algae from different types of surfaces or objects. It is done by using high-powered water pressure washers or water jetting machines. This cleaning process is used not only for residential homes but also businesses, restaurants, industrial offices, schools, sports facilities, health care centers and other public places. The process of pressure washing can be done by hand, but a pressure washer machine is much easier and efficient at the same time saves more time and energy.

pressure washing

There are two main types of pressure washing: mechanical pressure washing and electrical pressure washing. In mechanical pressure washing, the motor-driven pump is used to generate high pressure water streams that can easily penetrate the outer layer of cement, siding and exterior surfaces to loosen and remove stubborn grime and dirt. The high pressure stream of water is then directed onto the grit and dirt which help loosen and remove the dirt and grime. The advantage of using a pressure washer is that it produces very little dirty particles and is also an environmentally friendly method of cleaning.

A normal home pressure washer is a small portable device that generates a stream of water at very high pressures in order to clean surfaces. It uses propane or kerosene to operate the pumps, which convert the mechanical force of the water to kinetic energy that can easily penetrate the surface areas and remove the grime. They are great for cleaning decks and patios, poolsides and decks, walkways and parking lots. A pressure washer is capable of suctioning up to six inches into the soft clay and masonry to clean stubborn dirt and debris.

Commercial grade commercial power washing systems use larger electric motors that can cover large areas with a single wand. These powerful industrial pressure washers are available in compact, lightweight designs suitable for use on small to medium-sized decks and patios. The wand is fitted with an electronic control that allows you to regulate the stream of water and the direction of the spray.

High-pressure surface cleaners are used interchangeably to clean different types of surfaces. The most common use for them is to clean decks and patios. It is capable of cleaning upholstery, vinyl, bricks, stones and pavers. The high-pressuring jets of the high-speed electric models can also be used to clean bricks, gravel and sand, rough grounds and pebbles, bricks and stones, timber and peeling paint. They are also used to clean driveway exteriors, gutters, eaves and other areas that are covered by hard surfaces.

Pressure washing uses high pressure to clean the exterior surfaces of concrete, bricks, pavers, stones, vinyl, fiberglass, tiles and stones. It has no chemical use; therefore, it does not leave any hazardous residue on the surfaces to be cleaned. It does not require a lot of water to perform the job because the high pressure and high water flow help to make the job go faster. Power washing uses a high-speed electric motor with high-water capacity to do the job fast.