Cristiano Ronaldo the Greatest of All Time

Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest

Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest soccer player of all time, the multiple exploits and achievements of the great Portuguese ace, Ronaldo, who has made him a favorite amongst the all time greatest soccer player of all time title. From a small boy with no real skills to a large frame athlete, Ronaldo has carved a unique path towards being the best soccer player of all time. The man known as Cristiano Ronaldo is a soccer god. A true footballing legend.

A decade ago, a relatively unknown 23-year-old Ronaldo joined AC Milan. At that point, only David Beckham and Pele were making the biggest splash in European soccer. The Italian giants had just won the European Cup and were riding high on the all-time great feat of reaching the quarter finals. It was like a dream come true for Ronaldo. In a league where legends are made, he was about to become the next greatest footballer.

Two years later, however, things got ugly for Ronaldo as he was sold to AC Milan after a failed contract bid. He would then spend two seasons in Milan before moving on to Juventus. Despite initially qualifying for the Juventura cup, his move never materialized into anything more than a slight bump in the road. The club managed to hold on to him only for two seasons, and he was eventually dropped by Juvedto during the 2020/9 season. Things were looking bleak for the then budding footballer, and it looked as if he would forever remain a Milan fan favourite.

Then, something amazing happened. Ronaldo returned to Europe, this time to Milan. This time, he was not playing for one of the big clubs, but for Inter. He has been a huge success in an Italian club, and Inter has been one of the best teams in Europe over the last few years. The Nerazzi have been a threat to rivals AC Milan for many years, and this season could be the season where they challenge for the title.

It will be difficult for any team to surpass Inter Milan this season, but things are not impossible. With arguably the best striker in the world, and a host of great attacking players, Inter is one of the most dangerous outfits in Italy. With long shots and powerful shots, Inter Milan has often looked like they are more for style than for substance, and that is why they haven’t really been able to challenge for the title. With a number of great signings this summer, though, Inter could well end the season on top. With Ronaldo still around, the chance to prove just what he is capable of is huge.

It might not be realistic to think that Ronaldo will be the best player of the year, or even the best player of the whole competition, but it is certainly possible. If Inter Milan can buy the best players from PSG and Real Madrid, they stand a good chance of coming out on top. With Ronaldo leading the way, though, it is hard to imagine anyone standing a chance. It may not be easy, though.