Carpet Cleaning Vs Spot Removal

Grande Prairies Carpet Cleaning is done to remove dirt, stains, and other allergens from carpet. Carpet cleaning has been done for many years but the recent developments have made it easier and more convenient to clean your carpet. There are two different methods used for carpet cleaning; wet and dry cleaning. Wet cleaning methods are usually done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis while dry cleaning is often done once in a month.

If you want to do the carpet cleaning by yourself then it is best to consult with the professionals or hire the services of professional carpet cleaners. The experts can advise you on which the best way to clean your carpet will be. Generally, carpet cleaning is done to remove dust, stains, and unwanted allergens. Common methods used for carpet cleaning are hot water extraction, shampooing, dry cleaning, or vacuuming. The best way for you to decide on how you would like to clean your carpet will depend on how often you plan to have it cleaned and the type of carpet you own.

Hot water extraction method is the common one that most people prefer to do because it is very simple and convenient to use. This process uses warm water with a detergent and solvent mixture. A rotary scrubber is then used to agitate the water and get rid of the dirt, soil, and debris. The rotary scrubber can either be the latest invention of professional carpet cleaners or it can be an old-fashioned rotary tool used by the common man. Dry cleaning or Chem-dry cleaning methods also fall under the category of simple carpet cleaning. This method uses powerful chemicals or disinfectants in removing dirt and stains.

Carpet vacuuming is another common carpet cleaning method and is done by the professionals as well as the common man. If vacuuming, the soiled carpets are vacuumed through a suction hose. If you do not want to take out your carpet, you can choose to have your rugs steamed instead. Steam is used to penetrate deeply into the fibers of the carpet and remove all the soil and grime from them. You can then have your carpets steamed using a hot air dryer at the very least once every six months to as often as necessary.

Steam cleaning is also considered the best way for you to get rid of dirt, allergens, and dusts from your home. In steam cleaning, hot water and high-pressure steam are used to remove soil and dirt from the carpets. The heat of the steam makes the dirt easily lifted from the fibers of the carpet. Vacuum cleaning, on the other hand, only removes the dust and dirt from the top surface of the carpet and does not remove the deep-down soil that lies beneath it.

Aside from carpet cleaning and dry-cleaning methods, there are also other methods available that you can use for stains removal. These include the use of liquid detergents or solutions that you apply on the stain. You can also opt to apply the solution directly onto the stain or to have your carpet professionally cleaned using hot water extraction (sometimes called dry cleaning). There are many companies today that offer services where you can hire carpet cleaning and spot removal experts to do the job for you. Just remember that whichever method you prefer, you have to be consistent with doing your own carpet cleaning.