Aerial and Drone Services

Aerial and Drone Services

Aerial and Drone services are growing quickly in demand. The United States Federal Aviation Administration has established guidelines for operators of UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems to stay within the existing aviation regulations. As a result, the private sector has stepped forward to create systems that meet the safety guidelines set forth by the FAA. Companies are continuously introducing new and innovative technologies designed to make the business of aerial photography more convenient and cost effective.

Aerial and Drone services employ the use of sophisticated aircraft such as planes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles that support both professional and personal applications. Most commonly, the applications used by hobbyist and commercial photographers involve aerial photographs and videos. However, a growing number of amateur drone operators are using these devices to assist people and businesses in a number of ways. These services are increasing at an alarming rate and provide users with a wealth of options.

Amateur drone photography is becoming a popular past time for many individuals who want to document natural scenes and wildlife without spending a great deal of money. In addition, drone photography is an increasingly important tool for scientific researchers. New scientific tools are being used every day to capture in high-definition images of natural environments and venues that would be difficult or impossible to reach with a ground-based camera. Many of these researchers are able to obtain data and images that would be too costly or impossible to get on a regular basis from standard sources. Aerial and drone photography is a vital part of science and it is growing in demand at the same time.

Another important application for the use of drones and UAVs is commercial and home surveillance. While most people envision a business using aerial filming to monitor employees or to view a property for safety concerns, the same applications can be used for non-commercial purposes as well. Home owners use these devices to monitor their properties while they are away on vacation or business trips. Business owners use UAVs to monitor the plant where their products are manufactured as well as to gain valuable insight into the manufacturing process. With all the potential uses for UAVs it is not surprising that they are becoming a major part of everyday life.

As the demand for aerial and drone photography grows the number of companies offering such services will grow as well. As a result, there are currently only a few drone services providers in the United States. This may soon change, however, as the demand for such services will continue to increase. In fact, it is already starting to happen as companies like Aerial Shots and Cuddeback Air are rapidly expanding their drone services.

Companies that offer aerial and drone services have come a long way in a short period of time. As technology improves, prices will drop and quality will increase. As the demand for UAVs increases the number of companies offering remote aerial technology will grow as well.