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Advantages of Custom Wood Countertops

custom wood countertops

Custom Wood Countertops is generally engineering using durable wood grains for unique look. Custom Wood countertops have many advantages. They can be customized to fit your space with no waste. You can make your kitchen look like a completely new design.

Custom Wood countertops can also be made with solid hardwoods like oak, cherry, teak or maple. The hardwood is first constructed by stacking the individual cut off strips onto one another and then glued together. The resulting material has a wood grain pattern that will give the appearance of real wood. The custom wood countertops are solid and therefore can not be easily scratched, gouged or warped.

Some custom wood countertops have a natural beauty, finished with a richly colored unfinished top layer. This finishing process can provide a wide range of options in style and color. This type of custom wooden countertop is completed with a smooth glazed surface that will provide you with a beautiful product that has been prepared to last a lifetime.

Spills are easily cleaned with little effort. Many companies offer spill kits that include everything necessary to clean up small spills and some even include special cleaners for difficult to remove stains. Spills can be removed with little effort by using an all purpose cleaner formulated for wood surfaces. Spills that are more substantial should be cleaned with a commercial product that is designed to remove harder stains. Hard acrylic finishes can be used on custom wood countertops to prevent streaks.

Since custom wooden countertops are unfinished, you can paint them to match your other decor. Once the color has sat long enough, you may wish to apply a clear coat of white paint to protect your countertops from spills and other damage. However, this coating should be applied only to the tops of the shelves and not on the countertops themselves. If you must cover the entire surface, a good choice is a vinyl coating that will not scratch or chip and will not require you to apply another coat of white paint.

A major benefit of custom wood countertops is that they are designed to fit perfectly into any room, regardless of its dimensions. This means that you can use them on the larger side to maximize storage space in the kitchen while leaving enough space to leave room for adjoining rooms or to turn the countertops into a bar area. Custom wood countertops are made to fit into the existing design and decor of your home. They can be made to coordinate with different wood species and finishes as well as different kitchen appliance models. The wide variety of choices in custom wood countertops makes them a practical and affordable alternative for many homeowners.